What Do All The Wonders Of The World Have In Common?

The Human Mind!

It’s true, each and every one of these magnificent achievements, in its primordial state, began as a thought in mind of its creator, an idea which creatively grew and became the legends that we know and marvel at even today.

wonder-of-the-worldSo what is the difference between those creative minds and yours? Nothing…. No Thing, except the obstacles that you put in your way of your own greatness, and how you react and deal with them. Because nothing is impossible, even the word itself says Im possible.

These obstacles can arise by time spent in the past, or pining your hopes for events or “things” to materialize in the future, and all at the expense of living in the now.

To live in the past, always looking backwards, makes you “stuck” unable to move forward. Forever living with your spent emotions, fears, failures, achievements, people or “demons”. It freezes you in that era, a time warp that you have ultimately created and are personally responsible for. If they are negatively held beliefs, it can result in a depressive state of mind.

Living for the future can give you hope, a feeling of change that could be for the better, events that could happen. What if it doesn’t happen the way you had hoped and you are left feeling anxious by the very thought of possible failure? What happens NOW? Yes…. the answer is to live in the NOW, it is aptly named as the present, because it is a truly amazing and unique “Gift”.

Only in the present "now" can you make changes for the future, by putting in motion things that can bring about change and with it a more positive perception of the future.




- Dalai Lama

Living in the now can help change your perception of the past. By identifying the thoughts of particular events which you attached emotion to. It can help identify issues that stop you from moving forward:- lack of confidence, self-belief, low self-esteem, fear, addictions ,phobias, anxieties to name but a few.

By identifying the difference that makes the difference (Original quote by Richard Bandler )can be the first step towards making peace with your past and to assist mapping out a future that you can identify and work towards.

The difference that makes the difference offers Hypnotherapy, NLP and life coaching, is not only about clearing out the past and mapping out the future, it is about helping to improve the quality of the journey you make in-between. It could help change your mind set and make life’s journey more positive, rewarding, enjoyable and potentially life changing.

Make The Difference That MATTERS Now